Thursday, 24 September 2020 18:50

Davie Boating Accident

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Florida has the largest number of registered pleasure boats and water vessels in the U.S. As the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports, Florida is No. 1 in boating accidents. For example, there have been 661 accidents aboard recreation ships in Florida in 2012, causing $2,000 in damage. If Sadly, you are ever involved in a Boating Accident, make sure you contact the Davie office of John Goshgarian Law, so we can protect you. John Goshgarian Law  at 6808 Griffin Road, Suite 1 Davie, FL, 33314 is serving South Florida Residents. For support call +1 (954) 843-9503 or log on to and send us a message. Schedule a Free Consultation now. Request Appointment

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