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John Goshgarian Talks Episode 2.3 for Aventura, Citizen - John Shares How His Client Won A Mold Case

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For the last episode of John Goshgarian Talks for Wilton Manors, Florida Citizens, John talks about previous cases that are essential to the people in South Florida. It is about his former client who won a case with regards to his home with building up mold. Due to the weather in Florida, this is an inevitable natural cause. 

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The Law Office of John Goshgarian operates in South Florida with a specialization in Negligence Claims like automobile accidents and wrongful death claims, Business Disputes, and Internet Law. John emphasizes four core values: 1) putting clients first, 2) working passionately, 3) focusing on specific client goals, and 4) working smarter. 

The building was still new and was just recently built when it accepted tenants for rental. But although it was developed for quite a short period of time, it already sprung problems to its homeowners. 

“It’s a unique case and it involved, well it started to be a singular resident of a large community establishment here in South Florida when they started to notice that something was wrong. The air, the smell in the particular unit and as you mentioned because of our humidity and our climate here and water, a lot of cases are your homes could develop molds if it’s not properly kept into appropriate standards with the airconditioning for ventilation,” John said. 

Similar things were happening to the other residents and since it is a large group of people, it had to be a class action before the transgression. Soon enough, the case was won by John when it was proven to be violating laws and jeopardizing people’s health. The award was seven figures and sufficient enough for compensation. 

The Law Office of John Goshgarian covers expertise in Negligence Claims, Business Disputes, and Internet Law in Wilton Manors, Florida. John Goshgarian implements the three approaches, strategic thinking, creative solutions, and proven results for every case. To get in touch or seek legal advice, you can contact +(954) 843-9503 or send a message through the contact form. 


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